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Ep 6: David Shaw-Plan, Invest, Hope, Fail, and Pivot

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In this second part of our three-episode interview, David discusses the venture that preceded Astrapi and provides an excellent case study of hope, investment, failure, and then pivot. The journey to success is rarely a straight line and in this episode you’ll hear about a twist and turn that preceded David’s successful venture, Astrapi.

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Ep 5: David Shaw-An Entrepreneur's Journey

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In today’s episode, we talk with David Shaw, an entrepreneur and co-founder of a firm that has developed what many believe are innovations that will change in fundamental and substantial ways both the bandwidth and the efficiency of wireless communications.

In this first part of our multi-episode interview, David takes us through his interesting career journey from an entry level sales executive into entrepreneurship. David, who is in his mid-sixties, is a sterling example of the truism that entrepreneurs are made and not born.

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