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Ep 23: Harness Commercial Autonomous Navigation for Military Uses

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The DoD and the Trusted Capital Marketplace have identified autonomous systems as one of the 27 areas in which commercial technology could be leveraged for military applications.

In my discussion with Pete DeNagy, a subject matter expert on both autonomous systems and 5G, we tackle this challenge head on. After I define the somewhat unique characteristics of the military use case for autonomous systems (and the unique complexities), Pete explains how the commercial world is implementing autonomous vehicles . . . and be prepared; it’s likely different than you think . . . at least it was to me.

Rather than develop navigation systems that can inherently mimic the cognitive and control capabilities of a human driver, automotive manufacturers (and government agencies) are implementing communications-centric autonomous navigation systems, which leverage 5G, low latency, high bandwidth, and other properties as substitutes for the compute intensive (and algorithmically complex) alternative of mimicking human drivers.

Will this work in the battlefield? That’s where Pete illustrates how it can . . . what the key drivers are, what the central innovations that are required, and the rather short timeline that is needed to achieve this.

Ep. 3: Artificial Intelligence and the US Military (Part 3 of 3)

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In this third and final part of our discussion with Stephen Ellis, we discuss both the AI start up market space as well as the activities of large established enterprises such as Microsoft. We then pivot to a discussion of China’s innovations in AI, why they are making such advances, and some strategies for how the US military could accelerate the integration of American commercial AI into its systems.

Ep. 2: Artificial Intelligence and the US Military (Part 2 of 3)

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In this second part of our discussion with Stephen Ellis, we discuss Lockheed Martin’s collaboration with a commercial supplier to develop specialized hardware (based on gaming hardware) to run an AI exoskeleton, the future of AI development including biomimetics, the commercial use cases driving this innovation, and an unlikely leading edge AI innovator: Microsoft’s AgTech group.

Ep. 1: Artificial Intelligence and the US Military (Part 1 of 3)

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In today’s episode, the first in a three part series, Mark has a discussion with Stephen Ellis, an AI subject matter expert. We talk about AI, the current and developing market for this technology, and its potential applications to defense systems.
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