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We don’t look for military specific applications but rather we take requirements, break them into components and convert them into terminology used in the private sector. With our team of SME’s we proactively search to identity commercial technologies being applied in other sectors and industries to determine their relevancy.

Here's how we do it:

  • We break requirements into equivalent commercial technology and express them in terms used in commercial terminology.
  • Based on these our team of subject matter experts in the areas of networking, communications, AI, semiconductors, microelectronics and other related fields identify commercial technology suppliers that have existing or are developing technologies that can meet or be modified to meet these requirements.
  • We align the development cycles and investor financial requirements with DoD’s acquisition and funding processes.
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Our experience with DoD’s requirements process, acquisition and funding combined with our experience with commercial technology development and financial requirements enables us to vet viable commercial technologies that can meet DoD’s requirements and are financially stable to go through the acquisition and funding processes.

We eliminate those that are funded by the Chinese or other investors that pose a risk to the U.S.

Here's how we do it:

  • We apply commercial due diligence to determine their product and financial viability and identify any risks to DoD programs.
  • For companies that are in the commercial market but are not suppliers to DoD we look at their product development process and product lifecycle.


We present companies with products that meet or can be adapted to meet requirements, their strengths, and their risks. Based on this information DoD and its suppliers can then reach out to these companies.

No Information that is proprietary and/or confidential is collected unless the disclosing party specifies in writing that the information can be disclosed.

All information complies with acquisition regulations.

Here's how we do it:

  • We present the companies and their products that meet or can be adapted to meet requirements, their strengths and their risks to DoD programs.
  • Being an independent third party we can collect information and provide results that are in strict compliance with acquisition regulations and is not subject to FOIA.
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