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Mark Goode


Mark has been a business leader whose experience runs the gamut from leading companies to leading teams. With over 20 years of experience he brings his skills in capital formation, technology and business development to firms from startups to corporations to investors. In addition, he brings his technology development skills to Federal government agencies. Mark has negotiated contracts between large corporations and between corporations and governments.

Key Accomplishments include the raising over $60M in capital for the development and deployment of the first Wi-Fi network; co-inventor of the NSA-certified PC security product, Triad; as an independent third party, he lead the first review of capabilities, cross-functional expertise and performance risks of competing teams ever allowed by the government as for the award of a $180 M contract.

Capital Formation

  • MobileStar Network - $65M in equity, $20M in debt. Sources included family, friends, HNW, venture capitalsts, private equity, and strategic investors. Exit: Firm sold to Deutsche Telekom and rebranded T-Mobile Hotspot
  • Micronyx - $6M in equity. Sources included family, friends, HNW, strategic investor (Merrill Lynch, Office of CIO) Exit: Firm sold to Fifth Generation Systems
  • Structured $100M impact investing fund


  • Led the team that designed the first nationwide public access Wi-Fi network architecture
  • Was co-inventor on a patent for cyptographically protecting information stored on a computer disk
  • Led the design and managed the team that developed an automated mixed media content generator for social media applications


  • Led the team that designed the first NSA-certified PC security subsystem
  • Led the team that designed the first low cost, affordable radio for use at the squad level by dismounted soldiers
  • Led the design and managed the development of a visual database used by the US Army for tracking multiple relationships of Army defined requirements, programs, expenditures, and transitions

Business Development

  • Negotiated an agreement with Tsingua University and the Chinese Communist Party
  • Opened an office in the UK and led the team that sold the first PC security solution to No. 10 Downing Street and the British Army on the Rhine
  • Using his client's IP portfolio as the sole asset, negotiated a reduced price (and priority shipment) on display technology from a major Japanese manufacturer. The resulting profit added $37M to the sale price of the his client's firm
  • Negotiated a resolution to an IP displute between two US technology developers, which resulted in a strategic win for both parties
  • With only three demo sites in operation, persuaded American Airlines and Hilton Hotels to give his firm exclusive Wi-Fi deployment rights in terminals, Admiral's Clubs, and 100 Hilton owned and operated properties
  • Persudaded the Secretary of the Army to fund a study that demonstrated how the Army could save over $16 billion by using commercial off the shelf technology to develop a radio for the dismounted soldier
  • Led the effort to study and then develop a $100M impact investment fund for investments in Latin America

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